Stables - Equine House
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The spacious stable buildings have been designed with the comfort, safety and well-being of the horses in mind. The distinctive, two-tiered, gapped roof, acts as a unique natural airconditioning. Each complex houses 12 horses in stable boxes 30% larger than most of today’s usual box designs.


The boxes are situated in such way that all horses can communicate and see each other mimicking the “herd effect” and ensuring a serene and relaxing environment. Each box has its own fully enclosed and secure tack room, overhead fan, hay bar, swing feeder bin and automated water dispenser. Additionally, rubber matting in each box ensures soft but firm footing.


Outside the boxes there are specially designed wash bay areas with both hot and cold water supply. Most importantly however, is that each horse’s safety is guaranteed, as our expert and experienced groom’s living quarters are situated on a second floor that overlooks all 12 stable boxes, allowing visual monitoring at all times via a large picture window.


Only a visit to The Equine House will allow you to fully appreciate the attention to detail and huge amount of time and effort that has been put into the design and building of this stunning facility, positioning The Equine House on the cutting edge of equine technology.